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Yes, I was in my 40’s when this was taken.

If you’re on this page, then you actually have some interest about me. Thanks! Umm, unless you ended up here by accident.
In any case, Welcome to The UserScene. On this page, I’ll explain a little about myself and this blog site.


About Pierre Licyayo

I remember when I was little and at a friends house. I was fascinated by playing Pong on his Coleco Telstar. I also remember having fun by their various hand-held Head-to-Head sports games. (Hey, it was the 70’s.) This was the start with my fascination into video games and electronic devices.

This fascination also led me to computers. I was floored when I first saw an Apple commercial when they launched and excited when I got a Commodore Vic 20 for Chrismas. I must have scoured every PC magazine I could find that had published video game programs to type out for the Vic 20.

So here I am, about to hit my middle ages, yet I still have that childhood fascination on games and gadgets.

About this blog site

About this siteI started this site to talk about and review all the electronics gadgets, games and other interests that I’ve purchased, used and sometimes desired. Please note that most of the links on what I blog about are Affiliated links. Despite that, I hope that my reviews will provide you with a little insight and help you out.

I’ll be updating the site from time to time. That means it’ll probably be once every other week or sometimes twice a week. (Hey, who could afford to buy a gadget every week?) If you are interested in what I have to say, I suggest signing up to my site. You’ll receive an update whenever I post.
I promise that all your information will remain private and only be used regarding this site.

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