Extending the life of my Samsung Galaxy S3

Extending the life of my Samsung Galaxy S3 (Anker 2200mAh).My smartphone battery was dying. I was wondering what I could do, extending the life of my Samsung Galaxy S3. In the beginning, I would have only used up 30% of my battery.

As I started to use more and more Apps (and the camera), I noticed that the battery in my Samsung Galaxy S3 would eventually have about 50% at the end of the day (after two years of use). I was fine with that. I had no real reason to upgrade my smartphone.

However, all that changed when I upgraded to Google Now. Google now has a lot of features that I like. The downfall is that it takes it’s toll on battery usage. When I started, the battery would drain down to 10%, however I cut that down to 15% – 30% by disabling a few features.

Shutting off Google Now features would defeat the purpose of getting it in the first place, so I decided to consider a few of my options.

Get a new smartphone: It would be nice, but I’d just run into the same problem eventually. Besides, the Samsung S3 still meets my needs. (New smartphones can also be expensive.)

Use a portable battery charger: Not a bad solution. I can use it to charge my other devices, such as my tablet or e-reader. Although if I need to use it in the middle of the day, I’ll have to plug it in and lug it around with both of them connected.


Replace the battery: When searching for a new battery, I discovered that I don’t have to replace the old battery with a similar one. I could instead use a higher capacity battery in my smartphone, extending it’s life.

With this battery (Anker 7200mAh), my smartphone can last days before I have to recharge! With heavy use of picture and video taking, I lasted two days. With my regular use, I can last three days before charging.


Pros: Battery life can last for days! Of course this is a subjective opinion. It all depends on what you do with your smartphone.

Cons: This thing is heavy and bulky! The battery alone weighs 5 ounces and it’s larger than the battery that came with the smartphone. Luckily, I’m use to it from the Nokia days in the 90’s.


You don’t have to use the same battery that I use if you’re looking for a replacement to extend your smartphone life. You can read  about other batteries as well and make your own decision.