Games Star Wars the Gathering Cards

Games Star Wars the Gathering Cards

Games Star Wars the Gathering Cards

It’s been awhile since I played Magic the Gathering, but if Wizards of the Coast ever made these Star Wars the Gathering Cards, then I would start playing again.

User, WhinyTortoise posted a fist draft of, “Star Wars the Gathering” cards on Imgur. All 269 of them. Not only will you find cards of the heroes and villains, you’ll also find the support characters.



Not only are there character cards, but also Jedi abilities and events that happened in the Star Wars universe.



It’s quite mind-boggling to think about all the work that went into making these cards. There’s the artwork, of course, but think of all the planning that went into deciding all the abilities, attack/defense stats, the types of cards, etc…



You can see all cards on Imgur. I’d download them all soon because you’d never know if Disney Studios or Wizards of the Coast will serve a Cease and Desist order.

If you know more about the artist, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to leave a comment below.

UPDATE: It turns out that Wizards did release a trading card game involving Star Wars. However, when viewing their web site, half the images did not load for me. According to Wikipedia, the game was put on hold in 2005. Anyone collect any of these when they had the chance?